Black and Brown Parents in Atlanta Say Not on Our Watch!

More and more citizens in communities that are too often overlooked are standing up!

In the White House, Betsy Devos and President Trump are recommending cuts to many programs benefiting the success of Black boys in school.

Not on our watch! 

Black women aren’t letting Black and brown children get left behind in Atlanta anymore.

Two Black mothers in Atlanta recently came together with Latino parents to show that parents of Black and Brown children have had enough!

The Atlanta Thrive is a result of family engagement practices that build parent leaders. Now parents are putting the heat to parents and school board leaders regarding equity in education. We all play a role.

“Change for our children starts with us as parents!”

As a teacher, family and community engagement is key to the success of children. We need this support and engagement from parents.

The Atlanta Thrive parents joined with parents from LAPPS (Latino Association Parents of Public Schools) to demand more from our schools. Collectively we must grow this movement to ensure school turnaround is happening for all children; especially Black and Brown!

On Monday, April 8th, the Atlanta Thrive is rallied parents at the APS Board Meeting to demand more from their children’s schools.

The Atlanta Thrive was created by parents for parents who were fed up with a school system that continues to fail the majority of black and brown kids.

They demand to know the next steps in the Excellence School System Policy process.

As invested parents, they need a timeline and assured progression.

Especially since the majority of the community schools and children are victims to and from the Atlanta cheating scandal. 

Our children can’t wait, their future depends on action!
“The system failed me, and then it failed my daughter! That’s why I joined The Atlanta Thrive,” said Sharon Gaston.

“I want to rewrite the story for my granddaughter, and for all Atlanta’s children who have been overlooked.”

The organization is educating parents on the policy for excellent schools has been discussed for the last six months.

This policy would give our schools a clear bar, and give parents a better tool to hold schools accountable.

Many parents in Atlanta schools don’t feel like this school board has truly stood up for children of color.

There are clear civil rights disparities in how Black and brown children are educated, disciplined and failed in certain APS schools.

How long do our most vulnerable parents and students have to wait to see real change?

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Our children have been denied long enough.

We cannot and will not continue to silently watch our children be denied a quality education.

We’re awake now.

For more information, visit FACEBOOK PAGE: The Atlanta Thrive;  INSTAGRAM PAGE @theatlantathrive.

The Atlanta Thrive is made up of parents who are empowering fellow parents to disrupt the inequities in Atlanta’s educational system.  Today we put this school board on notice that we will not wait any longer. Our kids can’t wait! – Kimberly Dukes, mother of 10 APS students, and Teesha Snow, mother of 8 APS students


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