America’s Achievement Gap Is the Pathway to Failure

We are fighting for our Black boys and the sustainability of our education system in what seems like a losing battle.

Many of them are lost in the achievement gap.

So why not close it?

Well it’s not that simple!

The achievement gap continues to grow while more schools are being closed.

As schools are being closed, more private prisons being are built.

What will we do differently in 2017 – 2020 to help bridge the achievement gap in America for Black boys?

If the President and Betsy Devos have their way, nothing.

The devastating duo is pushing for a 1.8 billion dollar cut to education funding.

This will impact a lot of programs and support for Black boys.

In fact, the achievement gap was racially designed, comparing Black children to White children.

It’s like apples and oranges when you consider all of the working variables against the educational advancement of colored people.

What’s the deal with Black and Brown boys not being encouraged to go to college? 

And why are people telling Black and Brown boys they don’t have to go to college?

College isn’t the end all be all to be successful; it does help ensure that you are successful!

Higher education is critically important for the success and growth of our Black boys in their development into manhood.

It’s not easy surviving in our society with out degrees and certifications.

Especially for our young Black boys.

Each day we should be empowering our Black boys to seek pathways of continued higher education.

Education is the key to success, we can’t discount our Black boys.





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