Teacher Unions in California Are Not About Children

In reality, people love to say how the West is more progressive than the South. Well, apparently Teacher Unions in Cali didn’t get the message because we’re moving school choice forward in Georgia, while California is being left behind.

Teacher Unions in California are a not a solution to the much needed innovation in education. I believe it’s clear like the spring water we pick up from Kroger, on sale for $7.99 twelve pack, that teacher unions support adults.

I mean why wouldn’t teacher unions support and allow families and school districts to provide various educational options for the maximum success of all students?

But that’s another story for another day. In order for school choice to happen, teacher unions need to get out of the way. It’s clear in the advocacy for school choice from parents who believe that school choice must prevail. They are up front and personal fighting the for parents and families to have school choice. It’s the same message teachers, educational organizations, school leaders and educators from all spectrums are advocating for in Georgia.

Teacher Unions should support school choice as it is a right for students and parents.

The teacher unions in California are acting like Betsy Devos. They aren’t supporting schools. The way we need to educate children should be done in more than one way.

Recently Roland Martin sponsored a panel on School Choice is the Black Choice in Sacramento. School Choice is the Black Choice in America. We recently held a panel in Atlanta. It’s clear that the number one barrier is the misconception that charter schools are not public schools. But the challenge in Georgia doesn’t have the complexity of teacher unions being the barrier.

Should Teacher Unions have the power to tell parents and children they can’t have educational options?


Many Black and Brown parents are being denied the right to a choose a quality school for their children. They are already in failing schools where turnaround efforts aren’t working.

Teachers unions are supporting teachers who are failing children.

They should be supporting school choice in California because it benefits all; teachers, students , parents and schools.

But they simply aren’t looking at the bigger picture.

Teacher unions, policy makers and educational leaders in California who are blocking school choice are unwilling to be flexible and forward thinking in regards to how we educated children.

If they continue to block school choice, then teacher unions are as much of a disservice to children and schools as Trump is to the America people.


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