Black Boys Raised by a Single Mom Can Win!

As a single mother, Tonya Winters Buford successful raised three Black Kings. Although not easy, her sons attended three different grade schools in different areas. While this was not easy, it was not impossible. Black moms are making the possible happen for their Black sons to succeed.

It’s not an option, it’s necessary to do whatever it takes for our Black boys to win.

Tonya was intentional about ensuring that each of her sons found success. Her experience was that it was hard to accomplish this because schools just simply weren’t meeting the needs of her Black boys. It was a struggle finding a school that could teach my sons based off their learning styles and personalities.

Black women have opened doors for many Black boys to succeed; even when a door wasn’t present.

At some point, all three of Tonya’s sons had to attend different schools. Imagine how difficult that is having to drop off, pick up and be at three different schools while working full and part-time. Black boys need Black fathers as Superman but cannot survive without the power of Supermom!

Tonya served as a Supermom to her sons like many Black mothers. Her boys possessed different learning styles that required her to facilitate what was the best learning environment. Parents have the responsibility of placing their children in the best learning environment.

In the Black community we raise our sons with confidence and the world mistakes it for arrogance. However, it is perfectly acceptable for their counterparts to exhibit said behavior without question.

You see, we have worked this thing wrong. We let go of our Black boys too early! If there’s no man in the home, we say naturally its befitting for the son to be the “man” of the house. This isn’t right! We need Black boys to be boys and learn how to be men. Black boys need us to guide them through adolescence and young adulthood.

It takes a village to raise a child! Black boys need everyone in their village to help them succeed. As a single Black mothers, this work cannot be done alone. Tonya relied on her mom, family and influential persons to help ensure her boys reached their full potential. They made it through the challenges in middle and high school years.

Tonya’s story as a Black mom isn’t just one in a million. All of the Black mothers raising Black boys took different pathways. Black boys raised by single parents can be just as successful as other children. Tonya’s three sons are in college and beyond. Proving that our Black boys can be excel beyond the stereotypes about them.


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