We Need School Choice to Be the Black Choice in California Too!

Roland Martin has helped make the statement, “there’s more than one way to educate children!”, something that educational policy makers are thinking about more intently.

In fact, it’s safe to say that school choice is the Black choice.

After all, white children have been afforded the right to a quality education. Black and Brown families need school choice so their only option isn’t to be educated in a failing school.

Let’s be honest, our society views Cali as being much more progressive than Georgia. However, the fact of the matter is that teacher unions in California or anti charter groups in Atlanta should not deny families the option to chose the best school setting for their child(ren) to be educated.

There’s more than one way to educate children!

However, apparently not when it comes to school choice and teaching children outside a box.

Out of the box speaks to the various choices or options of learning. In California, teacher unions and educational policy makers are preventing families from having an option. Interesting enough, some of the very opposers of school choice supporter giving women the choice to have abortions.

However, not just in the South but across America, change is often easier to embrace if it’s gender rather than race. Many of the families who would benefit from school choice would be the parents of Black and Brown children.

It’s definitely racial inequality that is happening in many American public school districts that are not providing Black and Brown children with a quality education. California must do better. . . we all must be challenged to do better for all children.


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