Black Boys Are Moving Full steAm Ahead!

School is out and as summer is approaching, I’m empowering Black parents to expose their sons to as many STEAM based camps that will help continue learning while school is out.

There are great summer opportunities that can expose Black boys to the arts, technology, media, engineering, design, etc, in a different way. Summer camps, like after school programs, are an essential part of school turn around work and the progress of Black boys in schools.

Helping Black parents and communities understand that if we can connect the arts to what our Black boys and technology, then we can take learning from the classroom right into our own backyards.

Moving Black boys full steam ahead is going to require all of us to rethink how we’re investing in Black boys.

The key to making any of this work is being intentional about the engagement of all stakeholders to ensure Black boys are supported in STEAM.

Black male educators such as Dr. Raymont Burke have found success with Black boys in robotics and technology.

One strategy he is using is innovation around music and the arts through sound technology. CTAE and technology programs in schools could see academic and social breakthroughs in this area.

This summer, Dr. Burke’s is partnering with a local Atlanta foundation and church to do a free summer camp for children raised by their grandparents.  He believes that beyond the research, schools must put into practice elements in classrooms that help Black boys achieve. There are several public schools that are using the arts as a support for Black boys in critical areas.

Math, Science, Technology and Engineering can include the arts through STEAM based learning programs . In fact, the liberal arts are a critical piece to school turn around implementation that works in improving educational outcomes for Black boys.

Charter schools are currently leading the way with innovative STEAM based programs. We need more traditional public schools to get on board with this best practice showing how Black boys can excel.

APS recently celebrated M.A. Jones being the District’s first STEM certified school. They are currently working on adding more schools with STEM certification.


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