Derrien Dennis is Making School a Safe Place for Black Boys

Most K-12 Black male educators are in administration or secondary education. However, there are growing numbers of Black men who are working in elementary schools.

Black boys need to see positive reflections of Black men in classrooms during their early development.

A fellow Black male teacher in Georgia, Derrien Dennis, is seeking additional funding to make his classroom a safe space for his students. In particular, his Black boys who in previous years expressed how they don’t feel safe or welcomed in schools.

Lets Rug It Out!

Mr. Dennis is asking for support to get one final item for his students. He is seeking funds to get a library carpet. This is for a mini-lesson and whole group instruction that every eight and nine year old needs in a classroom. This improves literacy and critical thinking. Georgia still ranks low in literacy data and Black boys rank amongst the lowest groups struggling in literacy.

About The Students

Mr. Dennis’s students are hard workers, caring, always learning, and yet so different from one another. The student population at his school is primarily Hispanic, Asian, and African-American. He believes students learn best when they have hands-on manipulatives, inquiry based experiments, resources, and the right equipment to help construct their learning.

Hakuna Matata!

It means no worries. That’s exactly what Mr. Dennis wants all his students to have when they enter his classroom on the first day of school next month. Let’s help them us rug it out for reading!

Donate to the project here!

Mr. Dennis’s Project

I am starting at a new school in a new county this year. My new school is an older school so the classrooms do not have carpet. The carpet is where we come together as one. The carpet is where they will sit down and listen to me read books to them. Both of these carpets will serve different needs in our classroom. One carpet would be used for our mini lesson whole group time, and the other carpet would be in our classroom library. Supporting the vision I have for my classroom is supporting the academic success of my students! Thank you.


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