Ethos Classical Opens Successfully!

I am so excited for this school. Recently, we have featured Ethos Classical and their journey. EdLanta is excited to follow this new school that is offering another choice to Atlanta families.

Ethos Classical is a public humanities and arts-focused charter elementary school. It will provide Atlanta students with high-quality individualized education.

The school opened its doors to its first class of students on Monday, August 12 at 7:45 am, with a class of 162 kindergarten and third-graders.

Ethos Classical was authorized by the Georgia State Charter School Commission in July of 2018.

“This opening marks the fulfillment of a 1,600-day journey to deliver on a promise to hundreds of families in southwest Atlanta and we’re grateful to deliver our mission,” Ethos founding Head of School Emily Castillo León said.

Ethos Classical will employ its core values of tenacity, respect, urgency, and eagerness to teach students how to learn and think critically. Ethos scholars will be exposed to a broad spectrum of disciplines, with an emphasis on humanities and the arts to build curiosity and prepare each scholar for a range of careers.

By reducing the teacher to student ratio with two teachers per classroom, providing daily art education, emphasizing literacy through extended reading minutes, and extending the school day, Ethos will give Atlanta children the opportunity to thrive and develop a love for learning.

Ethos will also partner and work closely with parents and the local community to help shape the school’s community. Parents are eager for the opportunity to get involved.

“With Ethos, we will have the opportunity to come in first hand as parents to speak from a parents’ perspective on how we can be included in our children’s education,” parent Letia Bryant said.

Ethos Classical is deeply committed to ensuring all students live up to their power and potential by providing a rigorous literacy and arts-based education. Ethos Classical is an elementary school built on research and best practices of high performing schools nationwide and is uniquely focused on educating students in South Atlanta.

Ethos Classical’s philosophical approach to creating an extraordinary school for the students of Atlanta is based on three foundational beliefs:

1) Every child, no matter race, socio-economic status, zip code or home language, deserves an extraordinary education that prepares them for a life of choice and opportunity;

2) Students thrive in a warm, structured and supportive environment; and

3) Literacy and the arts are critical components of a robust elementary education.

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