GA Rep. Valencia Stovall Encourages Forest Park Families of 6th Grade Students to Build with 7 Pillars!

Rep. Valencia Stovall encourages constituents of Forest Park to grab hold of hope! She’s asking for families of 6th grade students to attend 7 Pillars Career Academy’s Build Day Events. Forest Park is home to the new school that is giving parents in Clayton County a different choice and plenty of cool educational options.

Georgia State Representative Valencia Stovall (D-Forest Park) encourages her constituents to attend the 7 Pillars Career Academy’s Build Day events on Saturday, August 24, 2019 and Saturday, September 7, 2019, from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the 7 Pillars Career Academy’s campus in Forest Park. The two events will give rising sixth graders and their parents the opportunity to learn more about the school.

“I want to encourage our Clayton County community to attend these events to find out more about 7 Pillars Career Academy,” said Rep. Stovall.

“Charter schools offer an option to parents who want their children to experience a more nontraditional route to education that is tuition free. This is the first middle school charter in Clayton County with a focus on construction architecture, computer science and culinary arts, which serve as stepping stones for high demand careers.”

“Build Day is an opportunity for students and parents to begin thinking about future careers and a plan to achieve long-term goals,” said Hilary Carruthers, 7 Pillars Career Academy Board Chair. “Early career exposure helps to ensure young people are on the path towards productivity and success in adulthood by fostering career development and life skills. In addition to building a special project at this event, children and parents will also build on their futures.”

“Education is the great equalizer,” said Christina Guillen, 7 Pillars Career Academy Founder and Head of Schools. “It is the means by which social wrongs can be righted. It is our only chance to not repeat history’s mistakes. Education is hope!”

The 7 Pillars Career Academy is the first locally approved charter school in 10 years and currently serves sixth grade students. The school was approved by Clayton County Public Schools on July 30, 2018 and the Georgia Department of Education on March 20, 2019. The career pathways offered are Construction Architecture, Computer Science and Culinary Arts.

7 Pillars is designed to offer a smaller class size, one-to-one technology, personalized learning and hands on projects.

The new school also offers a free after school program. The school will not enroll more than 120 students during its first year.

Hope is here! These events are free and lunch will be provided. For more information about the upcoming Builds Day events or to register, please call 770-954-5306 or visit 7 Pillars website.


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