Let’s Help Our Students Expand Their Minds!

Jarrod Carter, a new staff member at 7 Pillars Career Academy, is seeking our help in equipping his Health Education Class with additional resources.

Being among the 2% of Black male educators in America, I find his ask something that needs to be supported. We too often don’t have quality educators standing in front of our students. Let alone quality, Black male educators who truly care about the impact we make on students who for far too long have been overlooked.

Mr. Carter is asking for stakeholders to help him give his students additional resources and items need for them to excel in health. One of the key items is a projector. “Integrating technology into health is equally important as other subjects!” Technology and health impact the way we live and survive. We need these items to help better our scholars educational journey and goal to make a global impact in the world.

Health related issues in our community influence how success our children are socially, emotionally and physically. “If you aren’t healthy then how can you win a battle mentally or physically? You can’t!”, words spoken to the 7 Pillar scholars by our Head of Schools. Mr. Carter has taken up the mantle to help ensure that the betterment of our children begins with knowing the importance of wellness.

Health education is a critical piece of our restorative work and teaching the whole child. Edlanta stakeholders and viewers, help Mr. Carters and 7 Pillars prepare our scholars to win! Please go to this link and donate to the cause. Together, we can help Mr. Carter fulfill his classroom need.


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