A Million Black Fathers Marching for Zion

It may seem like a cliche, but a million Black fathers marching streets across America for their Black sons is empowering. But it’s not simply a cliche, it’s a nationwide movement of Black males doing something different to change the rate of Black boys being successful.

Fathers Incorporated , a non profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia. is not only changing the negative stereotypes of Black males but improving the success rates of Black boys in schools.

“We’ve created a nationwide phenomenon of Black men uplifting Black boys. This is our BET celebration, taking it to the streets and taking back our sons!” 

Today marks the organization Million Fathers March. Black men have a strong influence on the success of Black boys in school. Mentoring and family are strong support systems that Black boys need in their educational journey.

The Million Fathers March takes place today in over 80 Cities throughout the U.S. The march is designed to encourage Dads to play an active role in the academic lives of their children. Black fathers being engaged in their students lives increases that self esteem and drive to be academically

It is anticipated that over 65,000 dads will participate in 2019. #MFM2019.

The march is inspired by its founder Phillip Jackson and managed by Fathers Incorporated. “Marching, marching, marching for beautiful Zion!” Black males are taking a stand for all the ‘Zions” across the nation. Black boys have the highest numbers in the school to prison pipeline. Many of them are overlooked, bullied, told they are nothing but bad and treated like a statistic.

The goal is for Black fathers to get involved with their child’s school and with Fathers Inc. Partnerships with barbershops, recreation centers and churches are effective ways of engaging Black fathers in improving literacy rates of Black boys in schools.

The literacy centers are growing and so is the involvement of Black men. There must be a consistent growth pattern in order for more Black boys to find pathway towards success. Fathers Inc is engaging Black males where they are in the community in order to help Black boys to read.

Fathers Inc has branded the literacy centers which are growing across Metro Atlanta. They are one of the most innovative ways of providing better educational outcomes for Black boys. The work of Fathers Inc is changing the data of Black boys in schools to more success stories.

Fathers Incorporated (FI)is a not for profit working to build stronger families and communities, one father at a time!


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