An Atlanta Educator Encourages Us to Forge Ahead in the Time of COVID-19 for Better Educational Outcomes for Our Children!

Dear Friends,

As many of us continue to adjust to the impact of the pandemic, much has changed and yet many things remain the same.

High school seniors across our district completed their last day of school last Friday, but not at all like they intended when the school year began. Students with plans to embark on their college careers this summer and those with intentions of going straight into the workforce are all facing uncertainty.

It’s the beginning of the month and rent and mortgage payments are due, but unemployment numbers continue to rise and the concern of eviction filings loom over families that have been out of work for weeks. By the time the school year officially ends, the district will be unable to provide food to families in need. The service providers that typically partner with the district to continue the offering throughout the summer aren’t able to step in as they have in previous years. Some families will face the challenge of determining where they will go and how to put food on the table. Who else will step up to help communities given that so many organizations are experiencing high demand and are stretched thin due to widespread suffering from heightened inequity?

In this uncertain time, we hold tight to the sentiment of solidarity.

With our charge to ensure every student in every community has access to quality public education and the recent announcement of the sole finalist for APS Superintendent, I urge us all to find our place in supporting schools and the district at large. How we treat our children, our Community, is a reflection of who we are as a city.

With gratitude,


Ed Chang is the Executive Director of redefineED Atlanta


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