Black Boys Don’t Want A Superintendent Who Manages Them Like Sheep. They Need Someone Who Wants to Build CEOs!

David Esowhode, Sophomore at Central Gwinnett High School

Within a school district, the superintendent is responsible for appropriately managing, guiding, and improving the district. In order to effectively complete these tasks, the voices of the community being served by Gwinnett County is a prerequisite.

We can longer do the work of equity without including the people impact by inequities the most involved in the work.

As Gwinnett County launches its nationwide search for a new superintendent, a few key characteristics are required in order to ensure that our new superintendent will effectively guide Gwinnett County Public Schools in the right direction.

By hiring a superintendent with these characteristics, Gwinnett County has the ability to emerge as one of the greatest school districts in the nation.

Any great superintendent needs a clear vision of what needs to be done for the district. Like any school district, Gwinnett County can certainly improve its service to our students, parents, staff, and local communities. The superintendent needs a clear focus on the steps to take in order to improve Gwinnett County’s service, academic excellence, and student support.

A clear focus on the district’s visions and goals is a must. Seeing these goals accomplished is equally as important.

In addition to having a clear focus, effective communication and listening skills are crucial characteristics that any great superintendent should possess. As Gwinnett County continues to grow and change, a superintendent that will eagerly listen to the voices of the community is required in order to sustain the growth and improvement of Gwinnett County.

Well-developed communication skills are crucial in order to properly communicate plans, goals and visions for the district with the board of education, students, faculty, and parents. In order to keep the interests of the community in mind when making difficult decisions, close relations between the community and the superintendent are of utmost importance.

Strong communication and listening skills are the foundation of such relationships that will lead Gwinnett County to

We deserve a world class educational leader and advocate for children who encompasses all these attributes.

We deserve a superintendent who sees students who have been written off, marginalized, underserved, overlooked and undervalued in public education for far too long as more than survivors but as individual, beatifically, unique stories still in the making.

Gen Z shouldn’t have to wait for this. It should happen now!


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