More Public Schools Need Superintendents to Provide Access and Resources for Post Secondary Success!

Cherry Amponsah, Senior at Central Gwinnett High School

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If I could select a superintendent, I would want somebody who encourages dreamers. Not just for one group of people, but for everybody. I would want someone who would create opportunities for those dreamers to chase after their dreams so that they don’t only live in their heads. Not just for some, but for all.

I continue to stress all, because right now it’s not happening. I would want a superintendent that is honest with us and open to having conversations and hearing the students’ perspectives.

The youth have something to say and our voices deserve to be heard. Not just some voices, but all of them. I want a superintendent that is for the student’s good, and not just the good of their wallet. Our generation is full of hopeful dreamers, some of whom don’t have the resources or means to make those dreams a reality. Any superintendent we have should see our potential and strive to see us thrive.

Alianna Amissi, Senior at Central Gwinnett High School

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GCPS was a different place when our current superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks took the role. In 1996 more than 80% of the district was white. Today, Black and Hispanic students make up a third of the student population. Gwinnett has diversified unlike our school system and the leaders. I would like to see a superintendent that is aware of this diversity and is sensitive to it. I want a superintendent who will be conscious of everyone’s rights not just as a student, but as a human. Students are just beginning to grow and mold into adults in a new society. We cannot continue to be confined by an old system. We should see the superintendent as a person we look up to and is evidently caring for the students, not just verbally but through policy changes and equitable practices through teaching and learning. This is my hope for a new superintendent.


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