I Love That My School Is Just Right for Me!

My school is called Ivy Preparatory Academy which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the Ivy Prep website, the school was founded in 2007 by Nina Gilbert and Angelina Howell. The website also shares that Gilbert founded the school because she was frustrated with the public school system’s inability to effectively reach all students. 

In response, the founders established Georgia’s first public charter school for only girls “emphasizing scholarship, sisterhood, and service.” The purpose of this essay is to highlight two reasons why I love attending Ivy Preparatory Academy. 

The first reason I love my school is that it encourages scholars to achieve excellence. Ivy Preps Lower Academy has scholars from kindergarten to fifth grade.

Teachers make sure that the lower academy students develop foundational knowledge that can be used for the rest of their academic life. 

While in the Upper Academy teachers encourage students to become critical thinkers which helps them become problem solvers and leaders. This means the scholars at Ivy are being prepared to become the future leaders of the world. 

The second reason I love Ivy is because of the various ways the academic experience is enhanced through diverse extracurricular activities. Ivy provides various opportunities for students to excel in the arts through classes like theater, art and dance.

Students who are interested in technology can take computer science or coding. Future Olympians embrace our athletics programs like the running club, tennis, cheerleading, basketball or even golf. 

Ivy hosts several clubs during after school hours such as Beta Club, Spanish Club, Scholar Government Association, Girls who Code, and Inquisitive Pearl Book Club. 

Ivy Prep cultivates female leaders who declare change in the world.

In conclusion, Ivy believes in uplifting young women to educate and assist them with building their self-worth, self respect, self esteem, and more.

Like the IPA website highlights, scholars receive a personalized education that guides their journey to success. 

Students are taught by teachers who truly care about their students and understand how they learn best.

Ivy Prep is the Right Choice for Girls.


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