Many Kids in GA Hate Going to School, But That’s Not My Story!

The name of my school is Ivy Preparatory Academy also known as IPA. This school is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The campus is surrounded by the artsy Little Five Points neighborhood, the Atlanta Zoo, and vibrant Downtown Atlanta.

Ivy is a unique school as it is Georgia’s first all-girl charter commissioned school with a pretty diverse student body. Ivy Prep Academy teaches scholars respect, leadership, and confidence. In this essay, I will highlight the two main reasons why I am so passionate about IPA and consider it the best school in Georgia. 

My first reason I love IPA is that it is dedicated to providing its scholars with a quality and well-rounded academic experience.

Ivy provides its scholars with opportunities to learn a wide range of things other schools may not provide.

The students are exposed to a variety of skills through classes like Theater, Dance, Arts and Crafts, and Computer Science. Each of which is taught by professionals with experience in the fields they teach.

The Theater teacher at our school, Mrs. Williams, is an award winning playwright; how many schools have teachers with such accomplishments?

Additionally, students are able to take advantage of additional programs such as Coding, Spanish Club, Dance Team, Tennis, Arts Club, Drama/Acting Club, Basketball, Cheerleading to further assist them in developing skills they have become interested in. 

The second reason I love my school is because IPA is dedicated to preparing its scholars for the future. The tagline at IPA is “Scholars today, Sisters forever.”

This means creating a climate that values sisterhood, scholarship and service is an essential part of the Ivy scholar experience.

It is not only important to teach us the typical reading, writing, science, and math; like other schools. Ivy is also concerned about teaching scholars to become strong women who give back to society through sisterhood and service.

Teachers at IPA encourage us to think outside the box by solving real problems and team work through various STREAMS projects.

Last year COVID was a tremendous concern around the world so my class was challenged to create protective equipment good enough to stop the spread of the virus. I can only believe that the experiences here will prepare me to solve the future problems the world may face with the sisters I have gained here.

I love my school because it has an excellent educational environment and is full of opportunities. In many ways, Ivy is a great place for girls to learn since we are given the tools to become tomorrow’s leaders, like all the great women who are celebrated on campus.

Staff members at the school are passionate about creating an atmosphere of learning and success, which is not the case at all schools.

It is for these reasons and many more that I will always love Ivy Preparatory Academy.


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