My School Understands The Assignment

I love my school 7 Pillars. The school makes learning way easier to understand compared to other schools. They make us go at our own pace while in ensuring that we are working daily to accomplish our goals.

They see where I’m struggling and give me help.

Our teachers connect what we’re learning to real world events. Things that we see in our communities and on the news.

My favorite teachers are Mr. Mack and Ms. Haircrow. Mr. Mack teaches us way more about social studies, making sure that nothing is left out. He provides us with historically accurate information.

Ms. Haircrow makes math more fun than other schools. She gives us projects that make us happy that are about math. 

Harley Pope, 7PCA scholar

I love 7 Pillars Career Academy. I am so happy that through School Choice Week, I was able to discover this gem.

7 Pillars Career Academy is truly about academics through advocacy giving scholars the tools to improve themselves to empower the communities around them.  From gardening club to offer fresh foods to the school community and surrounding neighbors to the school.

The field studies and field trips to Festival of Trees to aid in supporting survivors and the prevention of human trafficking are simply mind blowing experiences I never thought my child would have.  

My scholar has even become more investment in her learning and academic drive.  Their investment being piqued by the instructional guidance of Ronald Mack.

Mr. Mack truly has your back rekindling the passion and interest towards academics through Social Studies and current events.  Mr. Mack takes the standards and expands them into the world of the scholars in the classroom which was gateway to academic excellence.  Thank you 7 Pillars Career Academy for being a place for scholars to grow and support their community. 

Megan Morley Mother of Harley Pope

Personally I don’t have a favorite teacher because they all have such unique characteristics. This is why I enjoy every class! Even if I do miss of the readings. Something that never changes in this school is the amazing food! Ms. Magsby and Ms. Cross’s cooking is something I always look forward to when I get to school!

I’m glad and grateful to have amazing chefs/teachers always around me on a daily basis. The whole school staff makes it feel like your one big happy family, and that’s something I enjoy the most at this school!

Especially the food.

Zion Thomas, 8th Grader Scholar

Ms.Reese-Glover and Ms.Green are a big part of my why I love Seven Pillars. They know how to have a good time. Everytime they are around smiles and laughs are sure to follow. The way they can light up a room is unmatched. The conversations they have with students never fail to entertain me.

The warm and comfortable feeling you get when around them is like that of a loving mother. That is part of the reason I enjoy attending 7PCA.

7PCA has amazing teachers and students that you can relate to and get along with. I never thought anyone could make doing school work fun, but the staff at 7PCA has proved me wrong many times. Even if the school is fairly small, I still feel as if I’m at a regular school. 7PCA is like my second home and the only thing I would change about it is the food. 

Donald Houseworth – 8th Grade Scholar


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