School Choice Allows Young Black Girls At Ivy Prep to Elevate Their Voices.

You better believe that young girls across the State of Georgia are excited about the upcoming governor’s race in which Stacey Abrams will run for the highest seat in the state.

Ivy Prep Academy , under the leadership of Dr. Charcia Nichols, is educating girls of color in Atlanta to be the next global leaders.

Black parents who are raising Black girls want educational options such as Ivy in order to order to choose the best school setting that is going to not only properly educate their daughters but also protect them. 

Protection is in the forefront of Black parents’ minds with school aged daughters because public schools fail Black girls, too! 

This is why schools such as Ivy Prep, led by Dr. Charcia Nichols, are intricate in ensuring Black girls are taught in a way that heals, empowers, inspires, and leads them towards accomplishing their wildest dreams. 

Ivy has developed a “What’s Our Story” series that empowers Black girls and girls of color to share their stories. It’s a tool used to empower girls to use their voices. Black women voices have been intricate parts of every civil and social movement for change in America.

Black women have also always been intricate in empowering Black communities. Senator Kamala Harris is amongst women like Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm, Coretta Scott King, Michelle Obama, the mothers of movement, Black female educators, activists and leaders who are inspiring Black people to strive for excellence. 

Black parents in traditional public schools must demand a culturally inclusive curriculum in their schools! 

One positive impact of school choice, seen through schools like Ivy, is the ability for school leaders to implement a culturally inclusive curriculum. This is the driving force behind the success of Ivy. 

Dr. Nichols and her team are able to utilize a curriculum that speaks to educating the whole girl! This type of innovation in educational practices helps Black girls thrive. It impacts self awareness, sense of community, identity, and accountability. 

Jason Terrell, Executive Director of Profound Gentlemen, spoke about the importance of Black identity in public schools for Black boys. Profound Ladies echoes this message for Black girls and supports schools like Ivy in making this pathway available for them. 

Ivy’s program is a good model for other non-traditional and traditional schools that are educating Black girls.

Ivy has improved the school wide systems, classroom systems, teacher proficiencies, and pipeline in order to ensure that they are able to educate the whole girl through their program. 

At Ivy, Black girls have a customized educational program that values scholarship, excellence and perseverance. The program design uses academic building blocks through the Ivy STREAM = Science, Technology, Reading & Writing, Engineering, Arts and Math. 

The innovation in educating the whole girl, such as Ivy’s program, is also needed in all educational programs. Black girls are being given a voice in the way in which they learn and lead. More Black girls should be given this option. 

Ivy Prep is currently lead by educational leader, Dr. Charcia Nichols. Read more on Ivy at


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