We Must Make Co – Teaching a Priority

The lack of training, poor implementation of services for students identified as being in need of accommodations including Individualized Educational Plans (IEP), Individualized Health Plans (IHP), SST (Student Support Team), 504 (health related), Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) are direct results of co-teaching not being made a priority. 

Co-teaching shouldn’t be optional if it works for students; it should be a priority. 

The bigger question though is why haven’t public schools made co – teaching a mandatory part of learning?

In my experience this is the case in very few schools and truly depends on the Principals knowledge of special education.

Teachers in public education aren’t supported well with co-teaching methods and the implementation of co-teaching models. 

Teachers play a major role in why students aren’t achieving the way they could. Our biggest role is to bridge the gap of knowledge and how our students learn. 

Co-teaching settings improve Black boys success! 

Black boys rank highest in students being identified and placed in special education programs. One of the main reasons why they aren’t served well is because teachers don’t want to work together in co-taught settings.

This happens many times because teachers of general education students don’t want to take on the responsibilities that come with having students with accommodations in inclusive learning environments. 

Many schools have special education programs where students in general education classes with accommodations aren’t being served well or at all.

Some general education teachers haven’t even bothered to read the accommodations of their students which is part of the reason why there is poor implementation.

As Black boys rank highest in being enrolled in special education programs, we need public schools to invest in more male educators of color in this area.

Profound Gentlemen specializes in training and professional development for male educators of color. As a teacher who knows the impact of PG’s work, the strategies that male educators of color in the program provide helps us to reach the social, emotional needs of all of our students. 

The support Profound Gentlemen offers is an example of what can be provided to teachers to help decrease learning loss. 


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