Elevating the Voices of Teachers and Students Beyond EdLanta

Since the first meeting I had with the Education Post team in the summer of 2015, I knew that becoming an education blogger for EdLanta would be an amazing journey. It’s been nothing short of just that through the many stories, experiences, calls to action, and educational reform work I’ve done to improve public education through this platform. 

But as we know, all good things must come to an end. Now, it’s time to move on to the next chapter of my work as an activist. 

Recently, I have created educational entities to continue elevating the voices of teachers, students, and families in my efforts to help reimagine education. It’s been a long time coming with this endeavor. My company, educational entities, is the umbrella for all of our work including Lillie’s Foundation, Students for Equity, The Educators Voice, Speak Black Man Podcast, Allen for APS and more. 

Additionally, educational entities will connect stakeholders to my work with my students now under the group, Students for Equity. The students will have their own blog under educational entities. The No Cap Analysis and podcast No Cap Zone will express their thoughts on what’s happening in the world with equity and education. I believe the student voice is needed in the advocacy space to truly reimagine schools and gain success for the movement of equity in education. 

My blogging will continue through The Educators Voice. Through the blog, I am inviting you into my classroom as I share my stories, experiences, and conversations with the exceptional learners I work with in my school’s special education department on the first Wednesday of the month. Subscribe to The Educators Voice on the educational entities site which will feature Students for Equity the third Wednesday of the month. 

My new podcast, Speak Black Man, is designed to elevate conversations around specific experiences, thoughts, and perspectives on things impacting Black men in education the first Wednesday of the month. On the 3rd Wednesday, the Student for Equity group joins me to incorporate views of children of color in public education and how that impacts the state of the world. I also have dat way on wednesdays, with host and fellow Black male educator, Anthony Downer who is leading conversations on culture, curriculum, and CRT. 

Lillie’s Foundation is also under educational entities. Leading my family’s foundation is so pivotal to my life’s work. We support grandparents raising school aged children in Atlanta. The programs, initiatives and partnerships we build are helping a distinguished group of caretakers and guardians provide a healthy, whole and loving life for their grandchildren. 

As a Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowry Community Builder for Profound Gentlemen, I will continue bringing awareness to ways we can improve and increase the 2% margin of male educators of color in Georgia to continue driving the work of reimagining education. You’ll hear my voice throughout a collaborative event I began three years ago called the Black Male Appreciation Day in Georgia which is in partnership with educational entities. This event is where we assemble at the state capitol to bring awareness to educational issues concerning male educators of color, policy review, and building awareness of equitable outcomes for students of color. 

My passion and voice for doing the right thing has always been there. My work with EdLanta helped to change the game not just in Atlanta but throughout the State of Georgia regarding how we not just talk about equity but do the work of equity.

Through my work with EdLanta, I have challenged the State of Georgia having them remove the edTAPP test for teachers which was found to be racially biased, advocated for more diversity in teaching staff, engaged policy makers in local school districts, rallied, marched, launched petitions, and elevated the voices of my students, parents, teacher,s and educators in the fight for educational equity and justice for Black and brown children. 

Cheers to EdLanta, an opened door that has led to so much more. 


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